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FREE Online Small Business Course

Every week business owners from USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand come together online. They’re coming together to focus on sustaining growing their businesses in these tough times. This is a free online course, open to all business owners.

The overarching theme of the mid-week mastermind is “Leading your business through tough times”. Through is the operative word. These business owners are going to guide their business through the current adversity and out the other side …and onto bigger and better things in the future.

Your leadership capability is your number one key to small business success. Leading your small business is far more than what you do with your employees. Your leadership impacts all aspects of sales, marketing, productivity and profitability in your business. Best of all, you can learn to become a great leader! Join us mid-week…


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Why is it FREE?

The Mid-week Mastermind is FREE because right now small business owners need a helping hand. From Sydney to LA to Vancouver and beyond, small business owners are feeling the pinch.

We know they are a tough and self-reliant breed. But now they could use a helping hand to chart a course through these difficult times. This is our way of lending a helping hand.

Come and join in on the Mid-week Mastermind!

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Mid-week Mastermind Core Topics

The mastermind is firmly focused on taking the lead in tough times. The six core topics are;

  1. Deliberate optimism
  2. Backs to the wall
  3. Forget survival, go for excellence!
  4. Know the score at all times
  5. Optimise aggressively
  6. Communicate more

Each week we deep dive into an aspect of one of these core topics. Week-after-week, you’ll build up a rich collection of winning ideas to grow your business and bounce back better than ever!

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Join Us for the Mid-week Mastermind!

Hosted by James McNamara

You can view the Mid-week Mastermind from any device and there is no extra software to install … just click the link and join in. 

Enter your email address below, and we’ll send the link straight over to you. See you online! cool


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